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Publications & Research

The #RisingYouth program is pleased to share these resources with you as we aim to strengthen the field of youth-led community impact.

#RiZine Issue 1: Why do youth drive change?

This first volume of the #RiZine contains the unique perspectives of various young changemakers all across the country. A zine is a collaborative collage that aims to bring together all the different interests and values of its artists and writers into one publication.

#RisingYouth Research Highlights on Lessons Learned from Participants

Emerging Themes Throughout COVID-19

We asked all of our 2020 grantees to reflect on these questions: What was your biggest success in your project? What lessons did you learn? This report analyzes over 2,200 responses to identify key themes, showcases COVID-19 response projects, collective outcomes, and shares appreciation for the role of our partners.

Connecting the Dots between RisingYouth Projects and the Global Goals

Explore #RisingYouth projects organized by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a framework of 17 interconnected goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all". For this visual, we organized each project by Sustainable Development Goal, grant year, funding amount, and the province or territory where the project took place.

#RisingYouth Community Impact: Volume 1

This resource highlights sixty exciting examples of projects from across Canada, all making positive change in local communities through innovative youth-led solutions. Each of these community service projects is funded through a #RisingYouth microgrant, and tackles complex issues with creativity, courage, and wisdom.